Senior Dojo Students

This dojo is a gathering of Aikido students practicing together and learning from each other.  By sharing our previous experiences, styles, and techniques, all students enjoy a wider array of knowledge of Aikido.  Philosophically, we don't have instructors; we have students who share.

Senior Students:

Dennis Oka, 6th Dan

Dennis Jinnohara, 4th Dan

Don Kurihara, 4th Dan

Guy Kim, 3rd Dan

Mel Asano, 2nd Dan

Jeff Edlund, 2nd Dan

Kristy Kon, 2nd Dan

Roy Canon, 1st Dan

Kelsey Kila, 1st Dan

Lawrence Proctor, 1st Dan

Warren Sugimoto, 1st Dan

Alan Arakaki, 1st Dan

Erick Haines, 1st Dan