Dojo News

Posted on 16 December, 2017:


First Practice for 2018 will be Tuesday, 9 Jan 2018.


20 Oct 2017

Closure of KC Martial Arts Store

Sadly, the KC Martial Arts store is closing.  They were our primary discounted supplier for our dojo uniforms and equipment.  Students needing uniforms must seek alternate outlets to purchase their uniforms, either locally or online.  Roy Sensei has information about a local distributor if you are interested in purchasing a new uniform.


6 June 2017

New Officers

Once again, congratulations to our newly elected officers as of 6 June 2017:

Sensei Roy Canon - President

Sensei Erik Haines - Vice President

Sensei Alan Arakaki - Treasurer



We normally hold tests for promotions in late February or early March.  However, there will be students who will not be able to test during those times.  For these students, we will make special arrangements to have you tested at a later date.  Please inform one of the senior students if you need to schedule a special testing session.  We will do all we can to accommodate you, including working with you to prepare for the tests.  All students are required to wear a gi when taking their promotion test.


(a) All Aikido students should come to practice early and assist in bringing out the attendance book, and sweeping the mats.  Your help with these chores will help in getting practice started on time. We appreciate your kokua!

(b) Also, please remember to take care of your practice partners and not apply excessive force when applying Aikido techniques. We recently had an unnecessary injury to one of our students because someone applied too much force when applying a wrist lock. 

Students should never apply more pressure on Aikido techniques than their partner can handle. SAFETY should always come first!

(c) All students are reminded to bring water to practice, especially as we continue to practice throughout summer. Remember to stay hydrated.

(d) SAFETY CONCERN: Children must wait inside the dojo area for their parents after class. Children are not permitted to leave the dojo by themselves. They must be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardians.

(e) Students taking tests for promotion MUST have a uniform.


1.  We want to thank our parents for helping to escort our young students needing to get a drink of water or to use the restroom during practice.  Safety is very important to our dojo so we ask all parents for their continued support.  Thank you very much.

2.  We encourage all students to remember to bring water to practice so they may be able keep hydrated without having to leave the dojo area. 

3.  Students are reminded to sew the Central Pacific Aikido patch on the upper left chest area of their uniform.  Students may obtain their patches at the dojo.

4.  For those who would like to attend practices at the the Aikido Ohana,our "sister" dojo, they conduct classes on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Click on address below for Aikido Ohana Dojo map location.

1685 Alaneo St